Saab Seaeye manufactures a complete range of electric powered ROV systems for all professional applications. The range currently extends from the portable Seaeye Falcon ROV to the medium work class eqivalent Jaguar ROV.

Electric ROVs - More for Less PDF

Seaeye ROV Comparison Chart PDF


Falcon ROV

Introduced in 2002 the Falcon ROV has been a runaway success. Small, powerful and versatile, it has gained popularity throughout the world - a total of 395 sold (update August 2016).


Larger ROV's

Electric ROV's are making inroads into the hydraulic ROV market as they prove themselves to be powerful, reliable, lighter and smaller. This can be crucial where deck space is at a premium. In making comparisons it is useful to think of one mechanical or hydraulic horsepower as being equal to 745.699872 watts. Thus 74.5kW = 100HP. The largest Saab Seaeye ROV is the Jaguar and is equivalent to 125HP.

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