Speech by Colin Bosher at Kirby Morgan – United Sterling Guangzhou Diving School Student Excellence Awards 2022


Mr. Lin Mingjin, Principal, Mr. Chen Yuanda, Secretary, Officers Mr. Zhang Jianxiong and Mr. Tian Kunwen, Deputy Officer of Training and Recruitment, Mr. Yi Guoqing, teachers and students thank you for taking part in the Year 2022 presentation of the Kirby Morgan – United Sterling Student Excellence Awards. This is the ninth year that they have been held.

Speech by Colin Bosher at Kirby Morgan – United Sterling Guangzhou Diving School Student Excellence Awards 2022

First of all I want to say a big thank you as usual to the Guangzhou Diving School for giving us the opportunity every year to recognise the achievements of their students and at the same time promote our diving equipment products. 

When I gave this speech last year it was with the expectation in the back of my mind that the Covid19 pandemic would soon be over. But instead our lives are still disrupted and work and pleasure are curtailed. We do not know yet when it will be possible to get back to normal and when we will be allowed to “live with Covid.” Soon we all hope. 

Because of the difficulty of travelling, which is the experience everywhere, not just in China, DiveLab, Kirby Morgan’s training centre in Florida, has been extending the validity of all technician certificates. But this will come to an end on the 31st of August this year and it is unlikely to be extended. Here at United Sterling we will be doing our best to support users of Kirby Morgan equipment by servicing equipment sent to us and giving technical advice remotely - by email, WeChat and Zoom. Unfortunately we are not permitted to give training remotely so that technician certificates can be renewed. 

For the latest information and for a copy of the letter extending existing technician certificates, please go to our website: If you are a qualified technician, you can show to your company, your employeror your customer, a copy of the extension letter. 

Our staff are also available to assist at any time. For technical questions and spare parts enquiries please email Mr. Chen Guanhuo at [email protected] . For sales, please contact Mr. Hou Yue at [email protected] .  

Fortunately, the supply chains between U.S.A. and China Hong Kong are still working. Shipping new Kirby Morgan helmets, BandMasks and spare parts to customers is not a problem. 

During 2020 the Kirby Morgan Diamond® helmet was launched and in 2021 it established itself in the saturation diving market as well as the contaminated water diving market. This is a fully closed circuit helmet that can return divers’ exhaust gas directly to the surface. With the turn of a knob the helmet can instantly become open circuit or closed circuit. It has now been tested in saturation diving for more than 1,500 hours and is fully certified to CE standard EN15333-1. 

As I mentioned to those of you who were here last year and the year before, as users of personal life support equipment, divers are considerably more aware of the importance of health and safetythan people working in less hazardous and less technically demanding occupations. The Diamond® helmet is another boost to diver safety. 

Sadly, I have to report to you the passing away this year of Mr. Bob Kirby one of the founders of Kirby Morgan. Bob Kirby was a true pioneer, who together with Bev Morgan transformed commercial and military diving equipment with their revolutionary designs. 

Now it is time for me to congratulate the winners of the 2022 Kirby Morgan – United Sterling Student Excellence Awards: 

First prize went to Tan Jiajian.

Second prize went to Tu Yuanhui and the third prize to Zheng Zhiguo.  

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I know that to win these prizes you had to satisfy many different criteria covering your technical skill, physical fitness, knowledge and work attitude. The high level necessary was not easy to achieve. 

I also want to congratulate each of you, who have graduated today. This was your personal achievement also and came as the result of your own hard work and dedication. Well done. 

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This year I will not try to see into the future again. I will only say that I look forward to when I will be able to visit the Guangzhou Diving School in person for the Kirby Morgan – United Sterling Student Excellence Awards ceremony and shake your hands.  

Thank you again to the Guangzhou Diving School, leaders, teachers and students and as I say goodbye to you until next year, I have to leave you with the same greeting as last year and the year before, keep well and “Stay safe”. 

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