The BIRNS BlackBIRN™-I, BIRNS model 7705, is the original, revolutionary, complete underwater MPI/NDT system for reliably detecting oil leaks, cracks and weld defects in underwater steel structures, including oil leaks from tankers, platforms and pipelines.  BIRNS MPI equipment permits inspection of ships' hulls underwater.

The complete system includes a powerful Model 7705 hand-held UV light with integral electronics; an integral BIRNS Snooperette brilliant white light; a powerful Model 7703 BIRNS ArticulegTM articulating electromagnet; a 17F-036 150m power cable (on a 13C-002 steel take-up/pay-out cable reel), and a 13B-001 environmental carrying case. All underwater connectors are BIRNS heavy-duty MSG-3-CP connectors for maximum durability. (Specify 120, 220 or 240 VAC when ordering.)

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