Underwater TV

Outland Technology Inc. was established in Gretna, Louisiana in 1984. From inception the company's goal has been to design and manufacture a broad range of high quality video and audio products using high volume components - this helps to keep their products very competitively priced.  Outland enjoy a technical challenge and will also custom build equipment for specific applications.


C-2300C, Multi conductor cable for all cameras and C-3100, Neutrally Buoyant, Multi conductor cable

Jumper Cable


The range comprises:

  • UWC-180 (Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-184 (Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus)

  • UWC-190 (Mini Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-191 (HD Mini Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-300 (B&W fixed focus)

  • UWC-325 (Colour fixed focus)

  • UWC-330 (HD 1080P Colour)

  • UWC-425 (Colour fixed focus, depth/cp input)

  • UWC-450 (Mini 1000m)

  • UWC-500 (Colour 72-1 Zoom 1000m)

  • UWC-575 UWC-575 (Colour 40-1 Zoom 1000m)

Camera UWC-190 (Mini Pan/Tilt)
Camera UWC-500 with Zoom
Camera UWC-575 with Zoom


Three models of LED light and one halogen: UWL-401 (equal to 200w halogen); UWL-400 (equal to 400w halogen); UWL-500 (equal to 400w halogen); and UWL-300 35w halogen.

Video Systems

3200 series - camera/light control system in a 19" rack mount case with 2 or 4 channel DVR and 15" monitor - can be single, dual or quad camera system - options: video overlay

3500 series - HD camera/light control system in a carry case with HDD DVR and 15" monitor - can be single or dual camera system - options: AC/DC power

UWS-3510 Complete Portable Colour HIGH DEFINITION Video System With LED Light
UWS-3510/D Complete Dual Colour HIGH DEFINITION Video System With LED Lights
UWS-3510/Q Complete QUAD Portable Colour Video System With LED Light

Teledyne Bowtech are an Aberdeen based innovative company, exploiting the latest developments in CCTV capture and recording technology, adapting them for the deepest and harshest marine environments.


The very extensive Teledyne Bowtech range encompasses micro, miniature, compact, ultra low light and full HD cameras. Here are just 3 examples.

The SURVEYOR-100-HD underwater colour zoom camera utilises Sony’s latest ExView HAD™ CCD technology, delivering exceptional picture quality with a 36:1 optical zoom lens, as well as a horizontal resolution of 800 TV lines and all within a 100 metre rated, high quality stainless steel housing, with a non-browning fused silica Spectrosil® window.

The DIVECAM-720 miniature high resolution underwater colour CCD camera, provides a low cost solution to shallow underwater viewing and observation to 100 metres. The camera is manufactured with a high quality alumimium housing rated to 100 metres operating depth as standard and with a 300 metre option. It has a fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens giving a diagonal field of view of 65° in water through the acrylic window.

The L3C-400-MICRO with integral LED's is the tiniest camera in the range. It provides an extremely compact solution to viewing in restricted spaces. The camera is manufactured with a high quality grade 5 titanium housing measuring only 10.80mm diameter and 42mm in length (excluding connector) and is rated to 6,000 metres operating depth. It is fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens giving a diagonal field view of 45°Ø in water through a sapphire window. The camera also features built-in reverse polarity and surge protection. The image quality that emanates from this micro camera is astounding and will permit underwater viewing tasks never previously considered possible.

Camera control units

UAM Tec is a Melbourne (AU) based subsea services provider. Leveraging advanced technologies, their team of leading R&D Engineers and offshore AI Specialists create advanced Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and specialised camera products for Commercial and Scientific applications.


UAMTEC BarrelEye® Dive TV