Underwater Instrumentation

Outland Technology (USA)

Outland Technology Inc. was established in Gretna, Louisiana in 1984. From inception the company's goal has been to design and manufacture a broad range of high quality video and audio products using high volume components - this helps to keep their products very competitively priced.  Outland enjoy a technical challenge and will also custom build equipment for specific applications.

Underwater TV


C-2300C, Multi conductor cable for all cameras and C-3100, Neutrally Buoyant, Multi conductor cable

Jumper Cable
Underwater TV


The range comprises:

  • UWC-180 (Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-184 (Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus)

  • UWC-190 (Mini Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-191 (HD Mini Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-300 (B&W fixed focus)

  • UWC-325 (Colour fixed focus)

  • UWC-330 (HD 1080P Colour)

  • UWC-425 (Colour fixed focus, depth/cp input)

  • UWC-450 (Mini 1000m)

  • UWC-500 (Colour 72-1 Zoom 1000m)

  • UWC-575 UWC-575 (Colour 40-1 Zoom 1000m)

Camera UWC-190 (Mini Pan/Tilt)
Camera UWC-500 with Zoom
Camera UWC-575 with Zoom
Underwater TV


Three models of LED light and one halogen: UWL-401 (equal to 200w halogen); UWL-400 (equal to 400w halogen); UWL-500 (equal to 400w halogen); and UWL-300 35w halogen.

Underwater TV

Video Systems

3200 series - camera/light control system in a 19" rack mount case with 2 or 4 channel DVR and 15" monitor - can be single, dual or quad camera system - options: video overlay

3500 series - HD camera/light control system in a carry case with HDD DVR and 15" monitor - can be single or dual camera system - options: AC/DC power

UWS-3510 Complete Portable Colour HIGH DEFINITION Video System With LED Light
UWS-3510/D Complete Dual Colour HIGH DEFINITION Video System With LED Lights
UWS-3510/Q Complete QUAD Portable Colour Video System With LED Light

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