NDT Equipment

Birns is the leader in the underwater lighting world. Growing out of the movie industry in the 1950's Birns products have spread into all areas of the subsurface world: submarines, ROV's, divers, hyperbaric - and the nuclear power industry.


The BIRNS BlackBIRN™-I, BIRNS model 7705, is the original, revolutionary, complete underwater MPI/NDT system for reliably detecting oil leaks, cracks and weld defects in underwater steel structures, including oil leaks from tankers, platforms and pipelines.  BIRNS MPI equipment permits inspection of ships' hulls underwater.

The complete system includes a powerful Model 7705 hand-held UV light with integral electronics; an integral BIRNS Snooperette brilliant white light; a powerful Model 7703 BIRNS ArticulegTM articulating electromagnet; a 17F-036 150m power cable (on a 13C-002 steel take-up/pay-out cable reel), and a 13B-001 environmental carrying case. All underwater connectors are BIRNS heavy-duty MSG-3-CP connectors for maximum durability. (Specify 120, 220 or 240 VAC when ordering.)

Blackbirn I PDF

Blackbirn II PDF

The Buckleys Bathycorrometer® is a well-proven inspection tool for measuring the levels of corrosion on sub-sea structures. Light and easy to use, this hand-held unit enables divers to obtain accurate readings of the corrosion potential levels of structures at the point of contact.


The Bathycorrometer: a diver or ROV deployed corrosion voltmeter used to measure the corrosion potential of immersed structures. Buckleys offer a wide range of accessories including surface read-out, self-calibration etc.

Founded in 1983, Cygnus pioneered the digital multiple echo technique. The technique has long since been the industry standard for accurate measurement of material thickness.

Driven by the need for a hand-held device they successfully developed multiple echo digital thickness gauges which measure metal thickness through protective coatings in a reliable and repeatable way.

Cygnus 1

Cygnus 1 is a tough multiple echo Ultrasonic Thickness gauge designed for use by divers undertaking subsea surveys – the original underwater thickness gauge.

Cygnus DIVE

Cygnus DIVE is a wrist mounted instrument giving the diver one free hand. Its special features include:

  • 300msw depth rated

  • Wrist-mountable, giving the diver a free hand

  • A-Scan (selectable)

  • Data logging - stores 5,000 measurements and A-Scans - "Auto-Log” - no log button to press

  • AMOLED display, easy viewing from all angles for diver and camera

  • Multiple Echo, error- checked measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick

  • Single-Echo - for use on extreme corrosion, anchor chain links and some plastics

  • MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator - exclusive to Cygnus, confirms a stable reading in single echo mode

  • HelmetView™ - optional remote display


RSL supply a comprehensive range of underwater NDT equipment and consumables: Gascosonic Flooded Member Detection (FMD), Underwater Flaw Detection and Underwater Thickness Measurement.

Flooded Member Detector

RSL has produced a state-of-the-art FMD system that comprises a probe and umbilical, small processing unit and laptop control with graphics feature.

Subsea electronics pod & probe

Established in 1995 to provide high quality products and services for the welding, inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) industries, TVC is a technology and service company which develops, manufactures and markets high-quality monitoring equipment.


The underwater MPI system comes in two configurations: the System 3 with power from the surface and the lightweight System 12 with a 12V portable battery. The System 12 has gained more acceptance, because of its price and ease of deployment.