Hull / Platform Cleaning

Armada Systems manufacture hull cleaning tools: hull scrubbers and propeller polishers. They have the widest range of brushes and tools of any manufacturer, so they have a tool suitable for any job - in any conditions.

Twin Brush Head Cleaner

The Armada Systems' range of tools include a powerful brush cart, double and single rotary scrubbers and propeller polishers. To fit to the tools they have a wide selection of brushes with steel, bristles, nylon bristles and - also barnacle cutters.

CaviDyne have developed a revolutionary new approach to removing marine growth underwater - the CaviBlaster. The technique employs cavitation: collapsing bubbles create a vacuum that cleans surfaces quickly and safely - replaces high pressure water jetting.

Caviblaster Low Pressure Water Jetting

CaviBlaster underwater cleaning packages come in sizes: 7-170 Bar, 7-140 Bar, 7-275 Bar. The nozzle cleans surfaces fast and is safe to use. The power pack occupies less deck space. Overall it is a much smaller investment than high pressure water jetting.