Amron are the largest diving equipment stockists and distributors in the world. We offer you the convenience of buying Amron products from us and at the same prices as from Amron directly.

Air Control Panels

The Amcommand range of air control panels includes light and compact one diver panels right through to three divers with three regulators systems. Amron can supply panels, which are fully IMCA compliant.

Air Control Panels PDF

8111-1-16 1 Diver Panel
8211 2 Divers & 1 Regulator Compact Panel
8225ic 2 Divers & 2 Regulators Panel
8330ic 3 Divers & 3 Regulators Panel

Hardwire Communications

Amron air diving phones are acknowledged in the industry as the best. We maintain a ready stock of one diver and two diver phones.

Amron Comms Accessories PDF

Amron Comms PDF

AMCOM I 2810-05 One Diver Communicator with Rechargeable Battery, Outdoor AC Power Module and International Locking Power Cord
AMCOM II 2825A-13 Two-Diver Portable with 28B Wireless Tender Kit, Outdoor AC Power Module and International Locking Power Cord
AMCOM III 2830A-08 Three-Diver Portable with Inhalation Noise Reduction, Outdoor AC Power Module and International Locking Power Cord
AMCOM III 2830A-09 Three-Diver Portable with MS Connections, Inhalation Noise Reduction, Outdoor AC Power Module and Intl. Locking Power Cord
AMCOM III 2830R-08 Three-Diver Rack Mount Communicator with Inhalation Noise Reduction

Helium Unscrambler

AMCOM IV 2840R-02 Four-Diver Rack Mount Communicator with DSP3 Helium Speech Unscrambler

Analox Sensor Technology are the world leaders in gas analysis for the world of commercial diving.  Analox life support oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon analysers can be found on almost every saturation diving system in the world.  And their oxygen monitors are the choice of IMCA compliant air and mixed gas spreads.


Analox offer a wide range of fixed and portable analysers and monitors.

ANSTI Test Systems Ltd. specialises in the design and manufacture of test facilities for performance measurement of underwater breathing apparatus. The facilities are turnkey packages, which utilise computerised data acquisition and display.

In January 2020 JFD acquired Ansti Test Systems Ltd. and it is now part of the JFD group.

Profile & References PDF

Life Support Testing Equipment

ANSTI Life Support Equipment Test Facility is a fully integrated, laboratory system specifically designed to test and measure the breathing performance of a wide range of life support equipment

Armada Systems manufacture hull cleaning tools: hull scrubbers and propeller polishers. They have the widest range of brushes and tools of any manufacturer, so they have a tool suitable for any job - in any conditions.

Twin Brush Head Cleaner

The Armada Systems' range of tools include a powerful brush cart, double and single rotary scrubbers and propeller polishers. To fit to the tools they have a wide selection of brushes with steel, bristles, nylon bristles and - also barnacle cutters.

Established in 2003, Ashford Instrumentation Ltd are mechanical and electronic instrument specialists for pressure & temperature measurement in both application and product. They offer a comprehensive range of Pressure, Temperature and Level Instrumentation for General Process & Building Services applications.

View Brochure

Diving and Subsea Gauges

Ashford Instrumentation offers probably the widest range of pressure measuring instrumentation for the commercial diving and subsea market. We are specialist suppliers of caisson gauges, pneumo gauges and subsea pressure and temperature gauges with the ability to supply worldwide, often from stock.

"Standard" Pneumo Depth Gauge - Breathing Air (Diameters 150mm to 300mm)
Caisson Gauge - 8.5" Plastic Case Premium Design
Mini Caisson Gauge - 63mm Subsea 450m Gauge

Birns is the leader in the underwater lighting world. Growing out of the movie industry in the 1950's Birns products have spread into all areas of the subsurface world: submarines, ROV's, divers, hyperbaric - and the nuclear power industry.

Electrical Connectors

BIRNS Millennium™ - miniature, high-density metal shell connectors BIRNS Primum™ - 316 stainless steel connectors designed for extremely heavy-duty use BIRNS Polymeric - Standard Epoxy, Protected Epoxy versions and rigid high-strength dielectric Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)

Electrical Penetrators

BIRNS penetrators safely and reliably transmit electrical power or signal through a pressure boundary, decrease the complexity of electrical systems and reduce dependence on operator skill. They are extremely rugged, require minimal maintenance, and are engineered for long-term deployment


BIRNS make a range of low-voltage general-purpose underwater lights, which are versatile, rugged and highly adaptable. They can be helmet-mounted, hand-held or yoke-mounted. XT120, Snooperette, Snooperette-LED, Snooperette-UV, Snooperette-UV, Aquila, Aquila-LED and Aquila-UV.

Birns' range of lights PDF


The BIRNS BlackBIRN™-I, BIRNS model 7705, is the original, revolutionary, complete underwater MPI/NDT system for reliably detecting oil leaks, cracks and weld defects in underwater steel structures, including oil leaks from tankers, platforms and pipelines.  BIRNS MPI equipment permits inspection of ships' hulls underwater.

The complete system includes a powerful Model 7705 hand-held UV light with integral electronics; an integral BIRNS Snooperette brilliant white light; a powerful Model 7703 BIRNS ArticulegTM articulating electromagnet; a 17F-036 150m power cable (on a 13C-002 steel take-up/pay-out cable reel), and a 13B-001 environmental carrying case. All underwater connectors are BIRNS heavy-duty MSG-3-CP connectors for maximum durability. (Specify 120, 220 or 240 VAC when ordering.)

Blackbirn I PDF

Blackbirn II PDF

Birns Aquamate manufactures quality underwater electrical connectors, cable assemblies, and cable terminations for offshore diving, oceanographic, seismic exploration, and defense applications. The company produces a wide range of standard industry connectors such as the 5500 Series, SC, MC, LP, FAWL/FAWM, and Rubber Moulded. They are guaranteed fully compatible with other manufacturers.

Electrical Connectors

Birns Aquamate Connectors are excellent for medium power or signal use, or when weight and/or mechanical abuse are considerations. This rugged series is moulded of high-insulation neoprene that may be mated while wet or underwater. Aquamate connectors are also suitable for most non-magnetic requirements. Circular and Low Profile formats are available, as are the Mini-Connector and Flat (FL) and FAWL designs. Male and female connectors are available in bulkhead and in-line configurations. Heat-treated beryllium copper sockets, gold plating, and stainless steel bodies are standard; options include water-blocking and locking sleeves of durable Delrin or heavy-duty Stainless Steel.

The Buckleys Bathycorrometer® is a well-proven inspection tool for measuring the levels of corrosion on sub-sea structures. Light and easy to use, this hand-held unit enables divers to obtain accurate readings of the corrosion potential levels of structures at the point of contact.


The Bathycorrometer: a diver or ROV deployed corrosion voltmeter used to measure the corrosion potential of immersed structures. Buckleys offer a wide range of accessories including surface read-out, self-calibration etc.

CaviDyne have developed a revolutionary new approach to removing marine growth underwater - the CaviBlaster. The technique employs cavitation: collapsing bubbles create a vacuum that cleans surfaces quickly and safely - replaces high pressure water jetting.

Caviblaster Low Pressure Water Jetting

CaviBlaster underwater cleaning packages come in sizes: 7-170 Bar, 7-140 Bar, 7-275 Bar. The nozzle cleans surfaces fast and is safe to use. The power pack occupies less deck space. Overall it is a much smaller investment than high pressure water jetting.

Founded in 1983, Cygnus pioneered the digital multiple echo technique. The technique has long since been the industry standard for accurate measurement of material thickness.

Driven by the need for a hand-held device they successfully developed multiple echo digital thickness gauges which measure metal thickness through protective coatings in a reliable and repeatable way.

Cygnus 1

Cygnus 1 is a tough multiple echo Ultrasonic Thickness gauge designed for use by divers undertaking subsea surveys – the original underwater thickness gauge.

Cygnus DIVE

Cygnus DIVE is a wrist mounted instrument giving the diver one free hand. Its special features include:

  • 300msw depth rated

  • Wrist-mountable, giving the diver a free hand

  • A-Scan (selectable)

  • Data logging - stores 5,000 measurements and A-Scans - "Auto-Log” - no log button to press

  • AMOLED display, easy viewing from all angles for diver and camera

  • Multiple Echo, error- checked measurements through coatings up to 20 mm thick

  • Single-Echo - for use on extreme corrosion, anchor chain links and some plastics

  • MSI™ Measurement Stability Indicator - exclusive to Cygnus, confirms a stable reading in single echo mode

  • HelmetView™ - optional remote display


Nautronix, now part of the Imenco group, are the pre-eminent manufacturers of diver communications systems for saturation diving systems. After acquiring Helle, the trail blazer in diver communications, Nautronix developed the product line applying the latest in DSP technology.


NASDive Digital Diver Communications System
Seven Havila Control Room
Seven Havila Control Room

NASDive helium unscramblers

NASDive is the latest generation of fully digital diver communications system in both hard wired and through water communication in mixed gas diving environments.  Unlike other systems NASDive offers digitisation of speech subsea before transmission. There is also the option to transmit this over twisted pair or fibre optic mediums back to the surface vessel.

Helium Speech Unscrambler PDF

Interspiro supplies police forces, armed services and rescue services throughout the world with rapid response and compact diving equipment. The Interspiro or "AGA" full face mask is the most widely accepted mask of its type.

Divator MKII, MKIII, DP1 complete diving system

The INTERSPIRO diving philosophy is a system philosophy. All parts of the breathing circuit – from the full face mask all the way up to the last thread on the DP1 Surface Supply – are tightly integrated. The reason is simple and obvious, to obtain the highest possible safety level for professional divers. INTERSPIRO gear divers are not sport divers - they are the best-trained and most experienced underwater professionals.

Interspiro DIVATOR System PDF

Repair & Maintenance

United Sterling is an authorised repair centre for the Divator range of Interspiro products. We carry out annual maintenance on masks, regulators and air control panels. On completion a full report is issued, which should go into the equipment’s log book for future reference.

Mask breathing valve connection pull test

JFD in Perth, Australia is the base for the manufacture of portable saturation diving systems.

300m Portable System

Keppel-Singmarine 3 Bell 18 Man Sat System

Divex, part of the JFD group, are the world leaders in the supply of the most advanced diving equipment. JFD is headquartered in Scotland and has bases in Australia and South Africa. In 2013 the Shanghai Salvage Company completed a record dive to 313.5msw using their saturation diving system built by Divex Australia.

Air Control Panels

JFD can supply a wide range of air control panels: two diver, three diver, air and mixed gas. All comply with the Association of Diving Contractors Guidance Note ADC 5/95.

2 Diver Air Panel with communications
2 Diver Bumper Air Panel
2 Diver Mixed Gas Panel with communications


The Divex G11-4 Hyperbaric Analyser measures partial pressure of oxygen and is designed for internal diving chamber, bell or other hyperbaric use. The Divex G21-2 monitors oxygen levels ranging from 0.00 to 19.99% and 00.0 to 100%. The Divex G22 Oxygen Analyser is a rack mounted instrument which provides continuous digital display of oxygen concentration in the gas sample presented to the surface of the sensor unit. The Divex G30 is extremely popular with commercial diving contractors worldwide as it is designed for monitoring carbon dioxide levels in diving decompression chambers. This rack mounted analyser provides a constant display of parts per million CO2 within 2% accuracy.

Back Pressure Regulator

The JFD Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) has been designed for diving chamber use as a BPR on built-in breathing systems (BIBS).

Carbon Fibre Swimmer Poles and Grapel Hooks

Available in two lengths 3m or 5m, this superior design eliminates the whipping effect of conventional poles permitting the diver greater control while establishing ladders from the water line during rough sea operations.

Carbon Fibre Poles PDF

Chamber Conditioning Unit

The JFD Chamber Conditioning Units CCU-06 and CCU-07 have been designed for use in hyperbaric environments, both air and heliox, for temperature and humidity control.

CCU-07 in Hyperbaric Lifeboat

Chamber environment controller

The Kinergetics Chamber Environment Controller CEC-3 is an upgraded version of the popular CEC-2.

Chamber/bell heater

The Kinergetics DH21 Heater is one of the most widely recognised hyperbaric environmental products in the diving industry, providing an efficient means of heating diving chambers or bells.

Chamber/Bell Scrubber

The Kinergetics DH21 Scrubber is one of the most widely recognised hyperbaric environmental products in the diving industry, providing an efficient means of removing Carbon Dioxide.

COBRA Commercial Diving Rebreathers

COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus) is a unique bailout system combining significant safety advancements while remaining easy to operate and maintain. COBRA is the only commercial emergency rebreather system to have been granted CE Marking status to NORSOK U101 (Diving Respiratory Equipment) and EN14143 (Self Contained Rebreathing Apparatus), leading the way in terms of safety and functionality.

COBRA Buoyancy Jacket
JFD COBRA Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus

Contaminated Water Diving System

The “Dirty Harry” Contaminated Water Diving System is designed to provide a safe and efficient surface supplied system which minimises the risk of contact between the diver and the water in which he is diving. A closed circuit breathing system exhausts the diver's gas to the atmosphere at the surface rather than to the water.

Contaminated Water Diving PDF

Contaminated water diving training Guangzhou November 2013
Contaminated water operation UK
Dr. Song Jiahui inspects Dirty Harry
Mr. Weng Mengyong, Vice Minister for Transport, visits the stand
Training in Guangzhou November 2013
World Maritime Congress, Shanghai August 2011

Digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauges are gaining increasing acceptance in the industy.


The AH5 is the lightweight successor to the Divex free-flow AH3 and AH4 helmets. It is designed to be used either fitted with its own neck-seal, or locked directly into a dry suit. Because it combines many of the advantages of both the traditional hard-hat helmet and the modern diving mask, the AH5 is recommended for tasks as diverse as heavy construction, mobile inspection and protracted dives in cold and polluted waters. With an increased over-pressure option plus extra weights the helmet can be used in nuclear reactor fuel ponds. If the suit should leak then the increased over-pressure results in air escaping out of the suit and not water leaking inwards. Although the AH5 is light, it is extremely strong. The monocoque head shell is made from hand-laid impact resistant glass fibre.

DIVEX AH5 Free-Flow Air Helmet

Electric Water Heater

The Kinergetics Water Electric Power Heater WHE-3 offers inexpensive automatically controlled heated water for divers, bell and chamber.

Gaspure Chamber Recovery System

The Divex Gaspure Chamber Gas Recovery System purifies diving chamber or habitat gas and allows chamber gas recovery during operations rather than venting to atmosphere and losing the expensive helium.

Gaspure Chamber Recovery System
Gaspure Gas Bag


JFD manufacture a range of diver harnesses which are tested and approved in accordance with PPE Directive (CE Certified).

Arvest 4
Arvest 5
DD-15 Safety Harness

Heater and Chiller Skid

The HCS-1 provides a self-contained source of heated and chilled fluids for habitat environmental control. It is used in conjunction with the CEC-3 Chamber Environment Controller and an internal HCU Habitat Conditioning Unit

HeliCom Helium Unscramblers

The JFD HSU's are designed for helium speech communications and cover Dive Control, Saturation Control and the HRC.

Mine Lifting Bag

The Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS) is a development of the operationally proven system that is in-service with various NATO Navies. The OARS version incorporates lightweight 300 Bar composite cylinders resulting in significant savings in both weight and size.

Mine Lifting Bag PDF

Shadow/Shadow Excursion Rebreather

Shadow is a shallow water Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA). The Shadow range is designed to meet the evolving operational roles of the combat diver. Shadow’s unique design offers maritime Special Operations Forces unparalleled performance and mission flexibility whilst minimising size and weight.


Stealth CDLSE Rebreather

Stealth Clearance Diver’s Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) is the latest development of the highly successful and operationally proven range of Stealth Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CC UBA).

Stealth Semi-Closed Rebreather

Stealth SC (Semi Closed) is a product of the highly successful and operationally proven range of Stealth Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA).

Stealth SC

Submersible Miniature Caisson Gauge

The Submersible Miniature Caisson Gauge is engineered to withstand aggressive environments whilst delivering readings accurate to within 1%.

World famous and industry standard for heavy duty, reliable commercial diving equipment. Masks, helmets, dive control systems etc.

Images of Kirby Morgan Helmets, Masks or logos are registered trademarks of Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc. Used with permission.

Manufacturer weibo_small

 Kirby Morgan Weibo

Helmets and masks

The 18B and 28B Full Face Masks are the industry standard in China. Used in conjunction with the KM Hard Shell head protector they comply with ADCI and IMCA safety standards and are suitable for use in warmer waters. Hoods and Face Seals can now be ordered in sizes S, M and L to fit different heads and different faces. The KM97 is the latest edition to the range and incorporates the new 455 Balanced Regulator.

Kirby Morgan range of helmets & masks PDF
Latest Kirby Morgan product bulletin PDF
Dive Lab Sanitising Helmets Bulletin PDF
Bulletin #7 of 2023. August 18, 2023 - Counterfeit Kirby Morgan® Products
Bulletin #6 of 2023. August 18, 2023 - Unauthorized Resellers and Voided Warranty

Available in sizes S, M & L
Bulletin #3 of 2020 Cleaning and Sanitizing Kirby Morgan Helmets, BandMasks and Full Face Masks
Bulletin #5 of 2022 Regulator Cover Guard
Bulletin #9 of 2022 - Surface Supplied MOD-1
Kirby Morgan Diamond Closed Circuit Diving Helmet
KMB-28B with 455 Balanced Regulator
Model hood for Kirby Morgan BandMasks with silicone face seal


Kirby Morgan's Air Control System 5 (KMACS 5) is designed for surface supply air diving down to a maximum of 40msw. It will support two divers. After purchase all Kirby Morgan products can be registered with us or diectly on line at

KMACS-5 with Communicator


Kirby Morgan have a range of regulators featuring different performance levels. The latest additions to the range are the 455 Balanced Regulator and the Balanced second stage SCUBA regulator.

Kirby Morgan range of regulators PDF

Balanced 2nd Stage SCUBA Regulator

Repair, Maintenance and Training

United Sterling is an authorised repair and training centre for the full range of Kirby Morgan products. We carry out annual maintenance on helmets, bandmasks and air control panels. On completion a full report is issued, which should go into the equipment’s log book for future reference. We are authorised to teach Kirby Morgan Maintenance and Repair Technician courses and Kirby Morgan Operator/User training.

Torque wrench & screwdriver

The Kongsberg Group is a high tech multinational corporation with 4,000 employees in more than 20 countries. It is a leader in the field of equipment for hydroraphic survey, underwater positioning, swimmer and mine detection and imaging (T.V. and sonar imaging).

M3 Multibeam Sonar

The M3 Sonar is a 2D multibeam system with imaging and profiling capabilities. The M3 Sonar provides high resolution and easy to interpret images by combining the rapid refresh rate of conventional multibeam sonar with image quality comparable to a single beam sonar. Detection of small objects out to 150 metres combined with a 120° to 140° field of view allows the operator to see the complete underwater picture in real-time.

M3 Sonar Head & Rotator

MS1000 Scanning Sonar

Single-beam sonars use a single transducer to transmit and receive acoustic energy signals, or "pings". There are two types of single-beam sonar, profiling and imaging. Imaging sonar is primarily used for visual interpretation and uses a fan-shaped acoustic beam to scan a specified area or target. Profiling sonar is primarily used for quantitative measurements where a narrow, conically shaped beam generates a single point for each ping. With single-beam scanning sonar, the smaller and narrower the horizontal beam, the better the resolution.

There are two versions of single-beam sonar heads: high-resolution and domed.

  • Range of products available with depth ratings from 650 to 11,000 metres

  • Variety of frequencies and configurations available

  • Reliable and low maintenance systems

  • Standard telemetry is RS232/RS485, ethernet optional

  • Requires MS 1000 software to operate sonar and process data

Kongsberg MS 1000 Configuration PDF

Sonar for underwater inspection & survey of structures

Kongsberg Mesotech pioneered the use of scanning sonar for underwater marine engineering applications. The company is a world leader in the development of products used for visualisation of underwater structures (bridges, docks, piers, dams etc.) and using sonar to support a multitude of underwater construction applications. Underwater inspection of man-made structures is vital as they age. Water currents, corrosion and damage from storms and vessels may impact structural integrity.

Diving inspections are often challenged by high current, deep water, lack of visibility and debris accumulation around the structure. In addition to limiting the diver from completing a thorough inspection, debris build-up around bridge piers is potentially one of the most dangerous conditions the inspection diver faces. It introduces the possibility of entanglement, and even worse, diver entrapment if the debris moves.

High resolution sonar provides superior quality data, and the compact size and portability of the sonar enables quick, frequent monitoring and lower costs. The Kongsberg Mesotech scanning sonar and MS 1000 processing software system is ideal for underwater engineering, search and surveying applications.

L & R are the household name in ultrasonic cleaning machines. They are the originators and are well known in all industries requiring gentle but thorough cleaning: dental instruments, jewellery, weapons - and of course diving equipment.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

The ultimate cleaning and health tool for all your masks, regulators and breathing equipment. Keep them healthy.

Link Subsea designs and manufactures a range of fully moulded communications kits.

Comms Kits

We maintain a ready stock of "AGA" Interspiro Comms Kits, wired in both "A" and "B" versions. They come with a moulded Bone Conductor, AGA Mask Cover Plate, Dynamic Hi-Sense Microphone and male Marsh Marine Connector.

AGA Comms Kits

Founded in 1976 and located in Via Galileo Galilei, Leini near Turin in Italy, Mega Sport is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of SCUBA diving gauges making many diving equipment brands under OEM arrangments. Every single gauge is tested for accuracy.

Contents gauges and consoles

The MINERAL range of 55mm and 65mm diameter contents gauges feature tempered anti-scratch mineral glass. They come with a variety of dial scales - psi, Bar and dual scale and up to 400Bar. Gauges can be supplied with tough 0.73mm diameter wire braided hoses.

Mega Sport Diving Gauges PDF

#214 Mini Index 55mm Air
#464 Syntek 55mm Nitrox-Oxygen (plastic case black)
#464 Syntek 55mm Nitrox-Oxygen (plastic case green)
#662 Mini Index 55mm Air
#664 Mini Index 55mm Nitrox-Oxygen
#714 Mineral 65mm Air (scratch proof)
200 Bar DIN Tank Pressure Gauge
300 Bar DIN Tank Pressure Gauge
300 Bar INT Yoke Tank Pressure Gauge
Three Part Console 55mm Pro Blue
Three Part Console 65mm Pro Blue
Three Part Console Compass 55mm Pro Blue
Three Part Console Compass 65mm Pro Blue
Wrist Depth Gauge Divex

Formally known as Rees Instruments, Mirion IST-Rees are now part of the Mirion Technology Group. IST-Rees are the acknowledged leaders of radiation tolerant cameras and CCTV systems for the world’s nuclear industry. Their radiation tolerant range of products provide a broad spectrum of inspection options including high radiation tolerant monochrome and colour CCTV systems. With over 40 years of design and manufacturing experience there are now thousands of IST-Rees cameras in use in the world’s nuclear power plants and facilities.


Northern Diver make an extensive range of Neoprene and Membrane dry suits as well as high tech wet suits and offer undersuits and many diver accessories.

Dry suits and accessories

The Origin and Divemaster Commercial are popular with commercial divers working in cold climes. The Origin is made of the best 6.5mm XO grade neoprene with a very tough outer shell. The Divemaster Commercial is manufactured from a specially formulated 5mm hyper-compressed neoprene. The Divemaster Commercial allows freedom of movement and real diving flexibility.

Ocean Technology Systems is the leader in state-of-the-art underwater communication systems serving the sport, commercial, movie industry, search and rescue and military communities around the world.

2021 OTS Catalogue PDF

OTS PowerCom Flyer PDF

OTS Commercial Flyer PDF

OTS Military Flyer PDF

Through Water Comms and Masks

OTS announce a new range of powerful through water comms products: PowerCom 3000D, PowerCom 5000D and MilCom 6000D. The new units are more compact, come with a powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion battery giving 14 hours of battery life and extended range – the MilCom 6000D has a nominal range of 6,000 metres. The new units are fully compatible with existing OTS through water comms set to the same frequency. In addition the MilCom comes with a scrambler mode, so that several divers and communicate with each other securely.

BELL-200 Emergency Bell Communicator
DRS-100B Diver Recall System
OTS PowerCom 3000D Through Water Communications

Outland Technology Inc. was established in Gretna, Louisiana in 1984. From inception the company's goal has been to design and manufacture a broad range of high quality video and audio products using high volume components - this helps to keep their products very competitively priced.  Outland enjoy a technical challenge and will also custom build equipment for specific applications.


C-2300C, Multi conductor cable for all cameras and C-3100, Neutrally Buoyant, Multi conductor cable

Jumper Cable


The range comprises:

  • UWC-180 (Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-184 (Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus)

  • UWC-190 (Mini Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-191 (HD Mini Pan/Tilt)

  • UWC-300 (B&W fixed focus)

  • UWC-325 (Colour fixed focus)

  • UWC-330 (HD 1080P Colour)

  • UWC-425 (Colour fixed focus, depth/cp input)

  • UWC-450 (Mini 1000m)

  • UWC-500 (Colour 72-1 Zoom 1000m)

  • UWC-575 UWC-575 (Colour 40-1 Zoom 1000m)

Camera UWC-190 (Mini Pan/Tilt)
Camera UWC-500 with Zoom
Camera UWC-575 with Zoom


Three models of LED light and one halogen: UWL-401 (equal to 200w halogen); UWL-400 (equal to 400w halogen); UWL-500 (equal to 400w halogen); and UWL-300 35w halogen.

Video Systems

3200 series - camera/light control system in a 19" rack mount case with 2 or 4 channel DVR and 15" monitor - can be single, dual or quad camera system - options: video overlay

3500 series - HD camera/light control system in a carry case with HDD DVR and 15" monitor - can be single or dual camera system - options: AC/DC power

UWS-3510 Complete Portable Colour HIGH DEFINITION Video System With LED Light
UWS-3510/D Complete Dual Colour HIGH DEFINITION Video System With LED Lights
UWS-3510/Q Complete QUAD Portable Colour Video System With LED Light

Poseidon was established by the visionary diver and innovator, Ingvar Elfström. That was in 1958. Since then Poseidon has gone on to develop a unique series of regulators based on high performance and simple clean design.

Poseidon Whole Range PDF


We have a stock of Poseidon Jetstream First Stage Regulators, which are popular as the workhorse regulator for the commercial diver's bail-out cylinder EGS - Emergency Gas Supply.

RPS have been developing and implementing engineered controls for radiological and hazardous material applications since 1978. RPS are manufacturers and suppliers of radiation protection equipment that includes HEPA Filtration and Purification systems, installed, customised and mobile shield wall assemblies, gloveboxes, work hoods and containment buildings.

RPS Chinese Brochure PDF


RPS Mobile Lead Shield Walls
RPS Modular Containment Buildings

RJE International specialises in meeting the mission requirements of military and special operations units with proven equipment and cost-effective solutions.

Diver Navigation Equipment

Diver held equipment for navigation, target location, search and recovery.

ULB-362 Full Ocean Depth Acoustic Location Beacon

Rovtech Solutions Ltd. (RSL) make a range of ROV’s, which are used in nuclear decommissioning projects as well as offshore. Nuclear RSL Seaker ROV’s have operated in Sellafield, U.K. for many years. The RSL PNP Super Seaker and the RSL NANO Seaker are all-electric ROV’s developed for specific roles in fuel pond and pressure vessel inspection, and in removing irradiated materials.


RSL supply a comprehensive range of underwater NDT equipment and consumables: Gascosonic Flooded Member Detection (FMD), Underwater Flaw Detection and Underwater Thickness Measurement.

Flooded Member Detector

RSL has produced a state-of-the-art FMD system that comprises a probe and umbilical, small processing unit and laptop control with graphics feature.

Subsea electronics pod & probe

Saab Seaeye manufactures a complete range of electric powered ROV systems for all professional applications. The range currently extends from the portable Seaeye Falcon ROV to the medium work class eqivalent Jaguar ROV.

Electric ROVs - More for Less PDF

Seaeye ROV Comparison Chart PDF

Falcon ROV

Introduced in 2002 the Falcon ROV has been a runaway success. Small, powerful and versatile, it has gained popularity throughout the world - a total of 395 sold (update August 2016).


Larger ROV's

Electric ROV's are making inroads into the hydraulic ROV market as they prove themselves to be powerful, reliable, lighter and smaller. This can be crucial where deck space is at a premium. In making comparisons it is useful to think of one mechanical or hydraulic horsepower as being equal to 745.699872 watts. Thus 74.5kW = 100HP. The largest Saab Seaeye ROV is the Jaguar and is equivalent to 125HP.

San-O-Sub is a well established manufacturer of all typed of gas handling equipment. It is located in Milan and traces its history back to 1934. Ninety percent of valve bodies as well as additional component parts are manufactured in-house and each manufacturing stage is quality controlled following strict production procedures.

Valves & Manifolds

San-O-Sub can supply a wide range of valves and manifolds offering solutions to many connection problems.

Adaptors for converting connections
Nitrox valve for single tank
Pressure relief set with 63mm diameter gauge, class 2.5 and DIN200300 connection  fitting with DIN 200300 on the opposite side
Tank boots with drainage channels
Valve with reserve & 2 connections for single tank
Valve with reserve for single tank
Valve with two exits & separator, for double tanks dia. 171mm

Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd. (SMD) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of remote intervention equipment, operating in hazardous environments worldwide.

With a proven track record in subsea engineering, SMD has grown to be the number one independent designer and manufacturer of work class and specialist subsea Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) worldwide.

Work Class ROVs

SMD manufacture a wide range of ROV's from the Atom ultra-compact work class ROV, comparable in size to an electric ROV system, to the Quantum, SMD’s largest work class ROV suitable for heavy construction duties.

Sonardyne's expertise in acoustic technology extends to acoustic positioning, intertial navigation and motion sensing, diver marking and relocation, instrument release and actuation, sonar imaging, offshore monitoring and control and subsea wirless communications.

Scout Diver Tracking

Scout USBL is a complete vessel based acoustic positioning system designed for tracking divers, ROVs and towfish in waters up to 1,000 metres. The system calculates the position of a subsea target by measuring the range (distance) and bearing (heading) from a vessel mounted transceiver to a small acoustic transponder fitted to the target - a technique known as Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL) positioning. USBL is widely used by the offshore survey and ocean scientific industries as it offers high accuracy performance combined with efficient subsea tracking operations.

Scout Diver Tracking

SOS Ltd. manufactures the Hyperlite hyperbaric stretcher, a folding portable pressure vessel suitable for HBO treatment and the transportation of a person under pressure.

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Hyperlite is quick to assemble and easy to use - at a remote site, during transportation to, or in a hospital. Built to ASME PVHO-1, Lloyd’s Register, BS EN ISO13485:2003 etc.

Hyperlite going into Air Medic helicopter
NATO exiting helicopter TUP

Suex have spent many years testing and refining the Zeuxo range of ADV's (advanced diving vehicles) to produce a scooter that really works: long battery life, smooth operation, safe and reliable ON/OFF and unaffected by sand and suspended solids.

SUEX Complete Range PDF

Advanced Diving Vehicles

There are eleven models in the Zeuxo range from economical sports models to long-range combat diver propulsion vehicles. Vehicles are fitted with lead acid, Nimh or lithium ion batteries depending on the model.

Teledyne Bowtech are an Aberdeen based innovative company, exploiting the latest developments in CCTV capture and recording technology, adapting them for the deepest and harshest marine environments.

Camera control units


The very extensive Teledyne Bowtech range encompasses micro, miniature, compact, ultra low light and full HD cameras. Here are just 3 examples.

The SURVEYOR-100-HD underwater colour zoom camera utilises Sony’s latest ExView HAD™ CCD technology, delivering exceptional picture quality with a 36:1 optical zoom lens, as well as a horizontal resolution of 800 TV lines and all within a 100 metre rated, high quality stainless steel housing, with a non-browning fused silica Spectrosil® window.

The DIVECAM-720 miniature high resolution underwater colour CCD camera, provides a low cost solution to shallow underwater viewing and observation to 100 metres. The camera is manufactured with a high quality alumimium housing rated to 100 metres operating depth as standard and with a 300 metre option. It has a fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens giving a diagonal field of view of 65° in water through the acrylic window.

The L3C-400-MICRO with integral LED's is the tiniest camera in the range. It provides an extremely compact solution to viewing in restricted spaces. The camera is manufactured with a high quality grade 5 titanium housing measuring only 10.80mm diameter and 42mm in length (excluding connector) and is rated to 6,000 metres operating depth. It is fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens giving a diagonal field view of 45°Ø in water through a sapphire window. The camera also features built-in reverse polarity and surge protection. The image quality that emanates from this micro camera is astounding and will permit underwater viewing tasks never previously considered possible.


The range includes chamber lights, compact helmet lights, T.V. lights for divers and ROV's and ultra powerful 20,000 lumen flood lights for special underwater tasks.

Established in 1995 to provide high quality products and services for the welding, inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) industries, TVC is a technology and service company which develops, manufactures and markets high-quality monitoring equipment.


The underwater MPI system comes in two configurations: the System 3 with power from the surface and the lightweight System 12 with a 12V portable battery. The System 12 has gained more acceptance, because of its price and ease of deployment.

UAM Tec is a Melbourne (AU) based subsea services provider. Leveraging advanced technologies, their team of leading R&D Engineers and offshore AI Specialists create advanced Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and specialised camera products for Commercial and Scientific applications.


UAMTEC BarrelEye® Dive TV

Formally Laboratory Impex Systems (LIS) the company is now part of the Ultra Electronics Nuclear Control Systems group. Ultra Electronics are leaders in the design and supply of health physics and radiation protection instruments. The Ultra Electronics range of instruments offers accurate, cost effective measurement solutions to a wide range of radiation and protection problems including installed or stand alone systems for alpha-beta aerosol, gas, dose, liquid and stack measurement.


Umbilicals International is an ISO 9001:2000 certified design and manufacturing company located in the U.S.A. at Stafford in Texas (close to Houston). The company builds cables, hoses and umbilicals for a wide variety of underwater and harsh environment applications.

Contaminated Water Umbilicals

Hose Fittings & Supplementary

Main Bell Umbilicals

The Bell Umbilical supplies a critical life support link to the professional diver within the diving bell; comprising of hoses for gas supply, gas reclaim, hot water supply, and also depth monitoring. Furthermore, the umbilical consists of custom designed cables that incorporate power and communication to the bell.

Umbilicals and Diving Hoses

Diveline brand umbilicals incorporating Aquaflow, Texflow and Flexflow hoses allow the professional diver to be safer and more productive by making life easier, underwater and on deck. The unique materials and cabled “rope-like” construction combine to produce the most flexible, controlled buoyancy umbilicals available today.

Kirby Morgan Diving Watches

Veolia Nuclear Solutions, Inc. (USA) are suppliers of remotely operated equipment to the nuclear decommissioning industry. The company provides a comprehensive range of services and products including the design and supply of manipulator and robotic systems, and processes for waste removal and clean-up:

  • manipulators for site clean-up and decommissioning

  • remote tank, shaft and pit sludge clean out

  • cutting and disassembly of reactors and other plant and equipment

  • treatment of low and intermediate level radioactive wastes using the GeoMelt process

Veolia Nuclear Solutions Division PDF

Veolia Chinese Brochure PDF


Victory Knives, New Zealand, are manufacturers of "Green River" diving knives. Victory are specialist knife manufacturers serving the meat industry - the most demanding market for quality and efficiency of knives.

Victory Knives PDF

Diving Knives

Range of knives:

Tough polypropylene sheath with stainless steel snap shackle & stretchable lanyard

Ansell Protective Solutions (formerly Trelleborg Protective Products) is one of the world's leading producers of protective clothing and related products. Viking is a world renowned name in dry diving suits.

Rubber and Haztech Dry Suits

Viking rubber and polyurethane dry suits have been developed for divers working in the harshest environments. These areas include military, law enforcement, rescue, salvage and public safety diving. Viking rubber and polyurethane dry suits are designed to provide complete protection and are easy to clean and decontaminate. The Haztech polyurethane suit is lighter and easier to wear than its rubber cousin and provides almost the same amount of protection from chemicals, petrochemicals and other corrosive substances. 

Viking Chart Rubber & Haztech Suits PDF

Viking VTS Cordura, Polyester or Nylon Dry Suit

Trilaminate Dry Suits

Viking have developed a portfolio of light but extremely tough dry suits suitable for rescue and technical diving when freedom of movement is important. They use materials such as VSN Cordura, Nylon and Polyester trilaminates which are thin and incredibly strong.

Viking Chart Trilaminate Drysuits PDF

Viking VSN Trilaminate Dry Suit

VJT are manufacturers of real time radiography systems and services to the nuclear industry for the characterisation of low level and transuranic wastes, prior to disposal. VJT’s experience includes the supply of stand alone real time radiography instruments or the fabrication and commissioning of complete integrated nuclear waste characterisation systems.

VJT Capability PDF

VJT Nuclear Applications PDF


Real Time Radiography Waste Drum Image
Real Time Radiography Waste Drum System

The WOW Company developed the Wave Ball, a sphere-shaped object floating in a pool. An ingenious idea, it is the result of many years of research and development in the fields of fluid physics, mathematical modelling, electronics, mechanics and data processing.

Diving & Rescue Training Facilities PDF

Wave Ball for Survival & Rescue Training

The waves produced by the “Wave Ball” can be adjusted from small ripples to heavy swell. The resulting waves look like open sea waves and can reach up to 2 metres from crest to trough. Nine models are available and will be chosen as a function of the size of the pool and the size of waves expected.

Testing after installation
Wave Ball on storage rack

Traditional Diving Equipment

Helmets, suits and accessories are shipped all over the world - mostly to historical diving clubs in the U.S. The helmets are made at the Wuhu Diving Equipment Plant using traditional methods. They are not replicas - they are for diving and are extensively used in China.

Helmet collection - this model no longer available, sorry!
Moby Dick diving his TF-12