Diving Equipment

Interspiro (SWE)

Interspiro supplies police forces, armed services and rescue services throughout the world with rapid response and compact diving equipment. The Interspiro or "AGA" full face mask is the most widely accepted mask of its type.

Helmets & Masks

Divator MKII, MKIII, DP1 complete diving system

The INTERSPIRO diving philosophy is a system philosophy. All parts of the breathing circuit – from the full face mask all the way up to the last thread on the DP1 Surface Supply – are tightly integrated. The reason is simple and obvious, to obtain the highest possible safety level for professional divers. INTERSPIRO gear divers are not sport divers - they are the best-trained and most experienced underwater professionals.

Interspiro DIVATOR System PDF

Testing & Cleaning

Repair & Maintenance

United Sterling is an authorised repair centre for the Divator range of Interspiro products. We carry out annual maintenance on masks, regulators and air control panels. On completion a full report is issued, which should go into the equipment’s log book for future reference.

Mask breathing valve connection pull test

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