Amron are the largest diving equipment stockists and distributors in the world. We offer you the convenience of buying Amron products from us and at the same prices as from Amron directly.

Hardwire Communications

Amron air diving phones are acknowledged in the industry as the best. We maintain a ready stock of one diver and two diver phones.

Amron Comms Accessories PDF

Amron Comms PDF

AMCOM I 2810-05 One Diver Communicator with Rechargeable Battery, Outdoor AC Power Module and International Locking Power Cord
AMCOM II 2825A-13 Two-Diver Portable with 28B Wireless Tender Kit, Outdoor AC Power Module and International Locking Power Cord
AMCOM III 2830A-08 Three-Diver Portable with Inhalation Noise Reduction, Outdoor AC Power Module and International Locking Power Cord
AMCOM III 2830A-09 Three-Diver Portable with MS Connections, Inhalation Noise Reduction, Outdoor AC Power Module and Intl. Locking Power Cord
AMCOM III 2830R-08 Three-Diver Rack Mount Communicator with Inhalation Noise Reduction

Nautronix, now part of the Imenco group, are the pre-eminent manufacturers of diver communications systems for saturation diving systems. After acquiring Helle, the trail blazer in diver communications, Nautronix developed the product line applying the latest in DSP technology.


NASDive Digital Diver Communications System
Seven Havila Control Room
Seven Havila Control Room

Link Subsea designs and manufactures a range of fully moulded communications kits.

Comms Kits

We maintain a ready stock of "AGA" Interspiro Comms Kits, wired in both "A" and "B" versions. They come with a moulded Bone Conductor, AGA Mask Cover Plate, Dynamic Hi-Sense Microphone and male Marsh Marine Connector.

AGA Comms Kits

Ocean Technology Systems is the leader in state-of-the-art underwater communication systems serving the sport, commercial, movie industry, search and rescue and military communities around the world.

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Through Water Comms and Masks

OTS announce a new range of powerful through water comms products: PowerCom 3000D, PowerCom 5000D and MilCom 6000D. The new units are more compact, come with a powerful rechargeable Lithium Ion battery giving 14 hours of battery life and extended range – the MilCom 6000D has a nominal range of 6,000 metres. The new units are fully compatible with existing OTS through water comms set to the same frequency. In addition the MilCom comes with a scrambler mode, so that several divers and communicate with each other securely.

BELL-200 Emergency Bell Communicator
DRS-100B Diver Recall System
OTS PowerCom 3000D Through Water Communications