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Established in 2003, Ashford Instrumentation Ltd are mechanical and electronic instrument specialists for pressure & temperature measurement in both application and product. They offer a comprehensive range of Pressure, Temperature and Level Instrumentation for General Process & Building Services applications.

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Diving and Subsea Gauges

Ashford Instrumentation offers probably the widest range of pressure measuring instrumentation for the commercial diving and subsea market. We are specialist suppliers of caisson gauges, pneumo gauges and subsea pressure and temperature gauges with the ability to supply worldwide, often from stock.

"Standard" Pneumo Depth Gauge - Breathing Air (Diameters 150mm to 300mm)
Caisson Gauge - 8.5" Plastic Case Premium Design
Mini Caisson Gauge - 63mm Subsea 450m Gauge

Divex, part of the JFD group, are the world leaders in the supply of the most advanced diving equipment. JFD is headquartered in Scotland and has bases in Australia and South Africa. In 2013 the Shanghai Salvage Company completed a record dive to 313.5msw using their saturation diving system built by Divex Australia.

Digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauges are gaining increasing acceptance in the industy.

Submersible Miniature Caisson Gauge

The Submersible Miniature Caisson Gauge is engineered to withstand aggressive environments whilst delivering readings accurate to within 1%.

Founded in 1976 and located in Via Galileo Galilei, Leini near Turin in Italy, Mega Sport is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of SCUBA diving gauges making many diving equipment brands under OEM arrangments. Every single gauge is tested for accuracy.

Contents gauges and consoles

The MINERAL range of 55mm and 65mm diameter contents gauges feature tempered anti-scratch mineral glass. They come with a variety of dial scales - psi, Bar and dual scale and up to 400Bar. Gauges can be supplied with tough 0.73mm diameter wire braided hoses.

Mega Sport Diving Gauges PDF

#214 Mini Index 55mm Air
#464 Syntek 55mm Nitrox-Oxygen (plastic case black)
#464 Syntek 55mm Nitrox-Oxygen (plastic case green)
#662 Mini Index 55mm Air
#664 Mini Index 55mm Nitrox-Oxygen
#714 Mineral 65mm Air (scratch proof)
200 Bar DIN Tank Pressure Gauge
300 Bar DIN Tank Pressure Gauge
300 Bar INT Yoke Tank Pressure Gauge
Three Part Console 55mm Pro Blue
Three Part Console 65mm Pro Blue
Three Part Console Compass 55mm Pro Blue
Three Part Console Compass 65mm Pro Blue
Wrist Depth Gauge Divex

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