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Kirby Morgan (USA)

World famous and industry standard for heavy duty, reliable commercial diving equipment. Masks, helmets, dive control systems etc.

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Air Control Systems


Kirby Morgan's Air Control System 5 (KMACS 5) is designed for surface supply air diving down to a maximum of 40msw. It will support two divers. After purchase all Kirby Morgan products can be registered with us or diectly on line at kirbymorgan.com/support/product-registration-form

Helmets & Masks

Helmets and masks

Helmets, BandMasks, Air Control Panels and more than 300 spare parts in stock

The 18B and 28B Full Face Masks are the industry standard in China. Used in conjunction with the KM Hard Shell head protector they comply with ADCI and IMCA safety standards and are suitable for use in warmer waters. Hoods and Face Seals can now be ordered in sizes S, M and L to fit different heads and different faces. The KM97 is the latest edition to the range and incorporates the new 455 Balanced Regulator.

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Bulletin #7 of 2023. August 18, 2023 - Counterfeit Kirby Morgan® Products
Bulletin #6 of 2023. August 18, 2023 - Unauthorized Resellers and Voided Warranty



Suits & Personal


Kirby Morgan have a range of regulators featuring different performance levels. The latest additions to the range are the 455 Balanced Regulator and the Balanced second stage SCUBA regulator.

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Helmets & Masks

Repair, Maintenance and Training

United Sterling is an authorised repair and training centre for the full range of Kirby Morgan products. We carry out annual maintenance on helmets, bandmasks and air control panels. On completion a full report is issued, which should go into the equipment’s log book for future reference. We are authorised to teach Kirby Morgan Maintenance and Repair Technician courses and Kirby Morgan Operator/User training.

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