Diving Equipment

Amron Intl (USA)

Amron are the largest diving equipment stockists and distributors in the world. We offer you the convenience of buying Amron products from us and at the same prices as from Amron directly.


Air Control Systems

Air Control Panels

The Amcommand range of air control panels includes light and compact one diver panels right through to three divers with three regulators systems. Amron can supply panels, which are fully IMCA compliant.

Air Control Panels PDF


Hardwire Communications

1-Diver and 2-Diver phones always in stock

Amron air diving phones are acknowledged in the industry as the best. We maintain a ready stock of one diver and two diver phones.

Amron Comms Accessories PDF

Amron Comms PDF

Helium Unscramblers

Helium Unscrambler

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