Umbilicals, Cables & Connectors

Birns is the leader in the underwater lighting world. Growing out of the movie industry in the 1950's Birns products have spread into all areas of the subsurface world: submarines, ROV's, divers, hyperbaric - and the nuclear power industry.

Electrical Penetrators

BIRNS penetrators safely and reliably transmit electrical power or signal through a pressure boundary, decrease the complexity of electrical systems and reduce dependence on operator skill. They are extremely rugged, require minimal maintenance, and are engineered for long-term deployment

Electrical Connectors

BIRNS Millennium™ - miniature, high-density metal shell connectors BIRNS Primum™ - 316 stainless steel connectors designed for extremely heavy-duty use BIRNS Polymeric - Standard Epoxy, Protected Epoxy versions and rigid high-strength dielectric Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)

Birns Aquamate manufactures quality underwater electrical connectors, cable assemblies, and cable terminations for offshore diving, oceanographic, seismic exploration, and defense applications. The company produces a wide range of standard industry connectors such as the 5500 Series, SC, MC, LP, FAWL/FAWM, and Rubber Moulded. They are guaranteed fully compatible with other manufacturers.

Electrical Connectors

Birns Aquamate Connectors are excellent for medium power or signal use, or when weight and/or mechanical abuse are considerations. This rugged series is moulded of high-insulation neoprene that may be mated while wet or underwater. Aquamate connectors are also suitable for most non-magnetic requirements. Circular and Low Profile formats are available, as are the Mini-Connector and Flat (FL) and FAWL designs. Male and female connectors are available in bulkhead and in-line configurations. Heat-treated beryllium copper sockets, gold plating, and stainless steel bodies are standard; options include water-blocking and locking sleeves of durable Delrin or heavy-duty Stainless Steel.

Umbilicals International is an ISO 9001:2000 certified design and manufacturing company located in the U.S.A. at Stafford in Texas (close to Houston). The company builds cables, hoses and umbilicals for a wide variety of underwater and harsh environment applications.

Umbilicals and Diving Hoses

Diveline brand umbilicals incorporating Aquaflow, Texflow and Flexflow hoses allow the professional diver to be safer and more productive by making life easier, underwater and on deck. The unique materials and cabled “rope-like” construction combine to produce the most flexible, controlled buoyancy umbilicals available today.

Contaminated Water Umbilicals

Hose Fittings & Supplementary