Divex, part of the JFD group, are the world leaders in the supply of the most advanced diving equipment. JFD is headquartered in Scotland and has bases in Australia and South Africa. In 2013 the Shanghai Salvage Company completed a record dive to 313.5msw using their saturation diving system built by Divex Australia.

Carbon Fibre Swimmer Poles and Grapel Hooks

Available in two lengths 3m or 5m, this superior design eliminates the whipping effect of conventional poles permitting the diver greater control while establishing ladders from the water line during rough sea operations.

Carbon Fibre Poles PDF

Mine Lifting Bag

The Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS) is a development of the operationally proven system that is in-service with various NATO Navies. The OARS version incorporates lightweight 300 Bar composite cylinders resulting in significant savings in both weight and size.

Mine Lifting Bag PDF

Shadow/Shadow Excursion Rebreather

Shadow is a shallow water Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA). The Shadow range is designed to meet the evolving operational roles of the combat diver. Shadow’s unique design offers maritime Special Operations Forces unparalleled performance and mission flexibility whilst minimising size and weight.


Stealth CDLSE Rebreather

Stealth Clearance Diver’s Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) is the latest development of the highly successful and operationally proven range of Stealth Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CC UBA).

Stealth Semi-Closed Rebreather

Stealth SC (Semi Closed) is a product of the highly successful and operationally proven range of Stealth Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA).

Stealth SC

RJE International specialises in meeting the mission requirements of military and special operations units with proven equipment and cost-effective solutions.

Diver Navigation Equipment

Diver held equipment for navigation, target location, search and recovery.

ULB-362 Full Ocean Depth Acoustic Location Beacon

Suex have spent many years testing and refining the Zeuxo range of ADV's (advanced diving vehicles) to produce a scooter that really works: long battery life, smooth operation, safe and reliable ON/OFF and unaffected by sand and suspended solids.

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Advanced Diving Vehicles

There are eleven models in the Zeuxo range from economical sports models to long-range combat diver propulsion vehicles. Vehicles are fitted with lead acid, Nimh or lithium ion batteries depending on the model.