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Divex, part of the JFD group, are the world leaders in the supply of the most advanced diving equipment. JFD is headquartered in Scotland and has bases in Australia and South Africa. In 2013 the Shanghai Salvage Company completed a record dive to 313.5msw using their saturation diving system built by Divex Australia.


JFD manufacture a range of diver harnesses which are tested and approved in accordance with PPE Directive (CE Certified).

Arvest 4
Arvest 5
DD-15 Safety Harness

World famous and industry standard for heavy duty, reliable commercial diving equipment. Masks, helmets, dive control systems etc.

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Kirby Morgan have a range of regulators featuring different performance levels. The latest additions to the range are the 455 Balanced Regulator and the Balanced second stage SCUBA regulator.

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Balanced 2nd Stage SCUBA Regulator

Northern Diver make an extensive range of Neoprene and Membrane dry suits as well as high tech wet suits and offer undersuits and many diver accessories.

Dry suits and accessories

The Origin and Divemaster Commercial are popular with commercial divers working in cold climes. The Origin is made of the best 6.5mm XO grade neoprene with a very tough outer shell. The Divemaster Commercial is manufactured from a specially formulated 5mm hyper-compressed neoprene. The Divemaster Commercial allows freedom of movement and real diving flexibility.

Poseidon was established by the visionary diver and innovator, Ingvar Elfström. That was in 1958. Since then Poseidon has gone on to develop a unique series of regulators based on high performance and simple clean design.

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We have a stock of Poseidon Jetstream First Stage Regulators, which are popular as the workhorse regulator for the commercial diver's bail-out cylinder EGS - Emergency Gas Supply.

San-O-Sub is a well established manufacturer of all typed of gas handling equipment. It is located in Milan and traces its history back to 1934. Ninety percent of valve bodies as well as additional component parts are manufactured in-house and each manufacturing stage is quality controlled following strict production procedures.

Valves & Manifolds

San-O-Sub can supply a wide range of valves and manifolds offering solutions to many connection problems.

Adaptors for converting connections
Nitrox valve for single tank
Pressure relief set with 63mm diameter gauge, class 2.5 and DIN200300 connection  fitting with DIN 200300 on the opposite side
Tank boots with drainage channels
Valve with reserve & 2 connections for single tank
Valve with reserve for single tank
Valve with two exits & separator, for double tanks dia. 171mm

Victory Knives, New Zealand, are manufacturers of "Green River" diving knives. Victory are specialist knife manufacturers serving the meat industry - the most demanding market for quality and efficiency of knives.

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Diving Knives

Range of knives:

Tough polypropylene sheath with stainless steel snap shackle & stretchable lanyard

Ansell Protective Solutions (formerly Trelleborg Protective Products) is one of the world's leading producers of protective clothing and related products. Viking is a world renowned name in dry diving suits.

Rubber and Haztech Dry Suits

Viking rubber and polyurethane dry suits have been developed for divers working in the harshest environments. These areas include military, law enforcement, rescue, salvage and public safety diving. Viking rubber and polyurethane dry suits are designed to provide complete protection and are easy to clean and decontaminate. The Haztech polyurethane suit is lighter and easier to wear than its rubber cousin and provides almost the same amount of protection from chemicals, petrochemicals and other corrosive substances. 

Viking Chart Rubber & Haztech Suits PDF

Viking VTS Cordura, Polyester or Nylon Dry Suit

Trilaminate Dry Suits

Viking have developed a portfolio of light but extremely tough dry suits suitable for rescue and technical diving when freedom of movement is important. They use materials such as VSN Cordura, Nylon and Polyester trilaminates which are thin and incredibly strong.

Viking Chart Trilaminate Drysuits PDF

Viking VSN Trilaminate Dry Suit