Divex, part of the JFD group, are the world leaders in the supply of the most advanced diving equipment. JFD is headquartered in Scotland and has bases in Australia and South Africa. In 2013 the Shanghai Salvage Company completed a record dive to 313.5msw using their saturation diving system built by Divex Australia.

Air Control Systems

Air Control Panels

JFD can supply a wide range of air control panels: two diver, three diver, air and mixed gas. All comply with the Association of Diving Contractors Guidance Note ADC 5/95.

2 Diver Air Panel with communications
2 Diver Bumper Air Panel
2 Diver Mixed Gas Panel with communications


The Divex G11-4 Hyperbaric Analyser measures partial pressure of oxygen and is designed for internal diving chamber, bell or other hyperbaric use. The Divex G21-2 monitors oxygen levels ranging from 0.00 to 19.99% and 00.0 to 100%. The Divex G22 Oxygen Analyser is a rack mounted instrument which provides continuous digital display of oxygen concentration in the gas sample presented to the surface of the sensor unit. The Divex G30 is extremely popular with commercial diving contractors worldwide as it is designed for monitoring carbon dioxide levels in diving decompression chambers. This rack mounted analyser provides a constant display of parts per million CO2 within 2% accuracy.

Life Support

Back Pressure Regulator

The JFD Back Pressure Regulator (BPR) has been designed for diving chamber use as a BPR on built-in breathing systems (BIBS).


Carbon Fibre Swimmer Poles and Grapel Hooks

Available in two lengths 3m or 5m, this superior design eliminates the whipping effect of conventional poles permitting the diver greater control while establishing ladders from the water line during rough sea operations.

Carbon Fibre Poles PDF

Life Support

Chamber Conditioning Unit

The JFD Chamber Conditioning Units CCU-06 and CCU-07 have been designed for use in hyperbaric environments, both air and heliox, for temperature and humidity control.

CCU-07 in Hyperbaric Lifeboat
Life Support

Chamber environment controller

The Kinergetics Chamber Environment Controller CEC-3 is an upgraded version of the popular CEC-2.

Life Support

Chamber/bell heater

The Kinergetics DH21 Heater is one of the most widely recognised hyperbaric environmental products in the diving industry, providing an efficient means of heating diving chambers or bells.

Life Support

Chamber/Bell Scrubber

The Kinergetics DH21 Scrubber is one of the most widely recognised hyperbaric environmental products in the diving industry, providing an efficient means of removing Carbon Dioxide.

Commercial Rebreathers

COBRA Commercial Diving Rebreathers

COBRA (Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus) is a unique bailout system combining significant safety advancements while remaining easy to operate and maintain. COBRA is the only commercial emergency rebreather system to have been granted CE Marking status to NORSOK U101 (Diving Respiratory Equipment) and EN14143 (Self Contained Rebreathing Apparatus), leading the way in terms of safety and functionality.

COBRA Buoyancy Jacket
JFD COBRA Compact Bailout Rebreathing Apparatus
Air Control Systems

Contaminated Water Diving System

The “Dirty Harry” Contaminated Water Diving System is designed to provide a safe and efficient surface supplied system which minimises the risk of contact between the diver and the water in which he is diving. A closed circuit breathing system exhausts the diver's gas to the atmosphere at the surface rather than to the water.

Contaminated Water Diving PDF

Contaminated water diving training Guangzhou November 2013
Contaminated water operation UK
Dr. Song Jiahui inspects Dirty Harry
Mr. Weng Mengyong, Vice Minister for Transport, visits the stand
Training in Guangzhou November 2013
World Maritime Congress, Shanghai August 2011
Watches & Gauges

Digital pressure gauge

Digital pressure gauges are gaining increasing acceptance in the industy.

Helmets & Masks


The AH5 is the lightweight successor to the Divex free-flow AH3 and AH4 helmets. It is designed to be used either fitted with its own neck-seal, or locked directly into a dry suit. Because it combines many of the advantages of both the traditional hard-hat helmet and the modern diving mask, the AH5 is recommended for tasks as diverse as heavy construction, mobile inspection and protracted dives in cold and polluted waters. With an increased over-pressure option plus extra weights the helmet can be used in nuclear reactor fuel ponds. If the suit should leak then the increased over-pressure results in air escaping out of the suit and not water leaking inwards. Although the AH5 is light, it is extremely strong. The monocoque head shell is made from hand-laid impact resistant glass fibre.

DIVEX AH5 Free-Flow Air Helmet
Life Support

Electric Water Heater

The Kinergetics Water Electric Power Heater WHE-3 offers inexpensive automatically controlled heated water for divers, bell and chamber.

Life Support

Gaspure Chamber Recovery System

The Divex Gaspure Chamber Gas Recovery System purifies diving chamber or habitat gas and allows chamber gas recovery during operations rather than venting to atmosphere and losing the expensive helium.

Gaspure Chamber Recovery System
Gaspure Gas Bag
Suits & Personal


JFD manufacture a range of diver harnesses which are tested and approved in accordance with PPE Directive (CE Certified).

Arvest 4
Arvest 5
DD-15 Safety Harness
Life Support

Heater and Chiller Skid

The HCS-1 provides a self-contained source of heated and chilled fluids for habitat environmental control. It is used in conjunction with the CEC-3 Chamber Environment Controller and an internal HCU Habitat Conditioning Unit

Helium Unscramblers

HeliCom Helium Unscramblers

The JFD HSU's are designed for helium speech communications and cover Dive Control, Saturation Control and the HRC.


Mine Lifting Bag

The Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS) is a development of the operationally proven system that is in-service with various NATO Navies. The OARS version incorporates lightweight 300 Bar composite cylinders resulting in significant savings in both weight and size.

Mine Lifting Bag PDF


Shadow/Shadow Excursion Rebreather

Shadow is a shallow water Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA). The Shadow range is designed to meet the evolving operational roles of the combat diver. Shadow’s unique design offers maritime Special Operations Forces unparalleled performance and mission flexibility whilst minimising size and weight.


Stealth CDLSE Rebreather

Stealth Clearance Diver’s Life Support Equipment (CDLSE) is the latest development of the highly successful and operationally proven range of Stealth Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Underwater Breathing Apparatus (CC UBA).


Stealth Semi-Closed Rebreather

Stealth SC (Semi Closed) is a product of the highly successful and operationally proven range of Stealth Underwater Breathing Apparatus (UBA).

Stealth SC
Watches & Gauges

Submersible Miniature Caisson Gauge

The Submersible Miniature Caisson Gauge is engineered to withstand aggressive environments whilst delivering readings accurate to within 1%.

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